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Raid Rules


With 6.0 just around the corner and a lot of people wanting to raid I thought it would be a good time to draw your attention back to our raiding rules. I will assume you have all read them as you have been asked to multiple times :)1) When 6.0 pat...
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Raid Rules


After a recent nasty conversation i have decided to post some Trial tips/Rules for new prospective raidersFirst of all gratz you've been accepted as a trial raider!Now comes the hard part,you have to put in 200 pct effort to get that all exclusive...
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Raid Rules


Well this is something we all want and something ppl are always going to be upset about!First thing that i want you guys to understand the importance of the WHOLE grp getting gear and not just 1 person out gearing the rest of us.The raids are a te...
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Raid Rules

Heretical Raiding Behaviour

f you are reading this then you are either a guild member brushing up on our raid rules, or you are a prospective member trying to find out what we are all about and whether you will fit in with heretic. Excellent either way.I have endeavoured to ...
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