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How we roll

First and foremost Heretic belongs to everyone in the guild, from the GM right through to the socials. Everyone has a part to play and every contribution, no matter the size, counts and is appreciated.

We strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and in order to maintain this we have a set of rules and guidelines for everyone to follow.
Respect each other

Banter and light-hearted jibes are fine and even expected in most social groups. Outright abuse and victimisation will not be tolerated (unless it's abuse of a gnome, because they are kinda asking for it). If you feel you are being unfairly treated/spoken to or have taken offence from any member of the guild please bring it to the attention of either the GM, raider leader or an officer.
Don't make an ass of yourself

A good reputation can take a long time to build but only seconds to destroy. Be aware of how your actions and behaviour outside of the guild could affect everyone else. Do not ninja loot, do not have arguments in trade or general chat, do not beg for gold, and when in a group be it a raid, BG or party try to conduct yourself in a manner which will not bring the guild into disrepute.
No fighting please

We understand that tensions sometimes form between people, it is unavoidable in this sort of environment. That being said, we do not want the atmosphere of the guild disrupted by arguments and mud slinging. Do your best to keep arguments out of guild/raid/party/vent chat. If there is an issue that you cannot resolve, bring it to the attention of the GM, raid leader or an officer who will try to help your in any way they can.
No Elitism!

Try to remember everyone was new at this game at some point or another. Helping people with advice and tips not only benefits them but can benefit the guild as a whole. Please be patient with less experienced or less knowledgeable players and help them out where you can.

Also, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice... just don't abuse it. Don't take advantage of someone's helpful nature by constantly asking them for things. If you need something ask but only ask once. Don't pester people continuously and don't be offended if they don't help you, everyone has things they want to do with their time.
The guild bank

It is there for everyone to use but due to the risks of account hacking most of the tabs will have restricted access. This does not mean you cannot get something from the bank should you need it. If there is something you might want ask the GM, raid leader or an officer. Do not ask someone else if you are not happy with the answer you have been given.
The internet is your friend

Please make sure to sign up to the guild website. A lot of time and effort has gone into it and it only takes a few moments to sign up. Also, the raid leader posts his tactics and announcements there and if you don't read them you will be at a disadvantage. The website is also how the raid leader uses the raid tracker to keep on top of the raid team and the loot system we use.

The website is also a place for members to have fun and share things with each other in the forums.
Out and about

We understand that everyone has a life outside of WoW and real life must always come first. There can be many reasons for absence, all we ask is that you let us know, if you can, how long you will be away for. You can do this in game or, preferably in the absence section of the forums. Any absence for longer than 2 weeks with no explanation will result in a G kick.

Most of the above are really just common sense but we understand not everyone is born with bucket loads of the stuff. If you want to be part of Heretic then you have to abide by our rules. There aren't many and they aren't complicated and so they shouldn't be a problem for most. :)

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