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About Heretic of Draenor

Welcome to Heretic! Please wipe your feet and don't play on the furniture!

Heretic was formed by a good group of friends out of the ashes of another guild with the express goal of being a progression orientated guild with strong leadership as well as a rooted social aspect. This means that while we raid hard to progress through the latest content, we still find time to enjoy the slower SIde of life and everything wow has to offer.

We at Heretic strive to create a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable guild atmosphere, while approaching raiding with a no nonsense business like sternness. While our goal and mission is to get bosses down, we want to have fun and build relationships while doing it. It is with this in mind that we want our members to feel that they have found their home away from home in the World of Warcraft. Even if your class is closed to recruitment, apply as we consider all applications.

We currently raid 3 days a week in a 10 man team and while we have no aims for 25 man content there is always scope for a second team should the occasion arise.

We also have a social portion of the guild for members who play when they can, level when they can or raid when they can or just want to be around fun peeps.

So, Heretic wants you, whether you want to be social, or a full on raider... or both. There is a spot for you in Heretic!
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