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#11285698 Jul 14, 2015 at 02:55 PM
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Afternoon :P

My name is Mike Im currently residing on the Draenor realm.

Im looking for a new guild where hopefully you would have space for one more?

My current class is Prot 693warrior with Fury offspec. 697
Char name Górashma.

I have other classes available (all melee tank /dps im afraid) Dk (Blood, Frost OS) Monk (brewmaster, WW OS) and a Paladin (Ret with Prot OS)

The above characters listed are all "raid ready" I also have other ranged characters that are either not geared (shaman Resto with Ele OS) and PVP geared Priest (Disc and Shadow OS)
and Druid (Feral and resto OS)

Finally have every other class not listed above at level 90 and going by todays levelling can be 100 very very quickly. I also have raiding experience

I would be more then happy to fit in around you guys as to what to play so below i'll tell you more about myself and past raid experience.

Going to start at MOP as that is the earliest real xp I have where I was avtively raiding in a guild week in week out.

In the guild im currently in we managed to clear Siege of Orgrimmar normal.

Onto WOD.

Highmaul cleared on Hc with Ret Paladin.
Blackrock Foundry Cleared on Heroic with Warrior playing as Prot Pre 6.2
Hellfire citadel 8/13 Normal - Rid signups have been poor.

So why am I leaving my current guild?
Raid signups have been poor really since SoO numbers bumped up when WOD came out and it seems people have come and gone.

What will I bring to the guild / raid team?
I can usually meet all raids/raid times we normally raid 3 times a week and since release of WOD I think I've only missed 5/6 raids and that was due to me and my new wife being on our honeymoon ;)

I'll always bring Flasks, Runes, Pots & Food. and optimised gear with Gems and enchants and a focused but friendly attitude.

A lot of guilds ask what addons etc you use (ours does on the recruitment page)
To put it simply I only use the more standard ones DBM and EPGP and then a few quality of life addons like a rage bar and also a resolve tracker.

Well thats me I think, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


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#11286171 Jul 14, 2015 at 05:26 PM
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to make an app. Would you be able to get int touch in game so we can have a chat? My battletag is Littlepanda#2729 or if you just whisper someone from the guild they should be able to point you in the right direction :)

Cheers, Yilliria
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