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#12343228 May 02, 2016 at 08:53 AM
Lets start whit a presentation >
Well my name is Adrian-Sebastian, im 26 years old, im from Romania, and last year in september a friend finally convinced me to start playing wow seriously, after pausing a loong time since i was a teenager in lvl 60 wow times in 2004-2005, meanwhile my friend started playing some other game and i got the virus now so cant stop playing :)....idk what more there is to tell if u wana know more just ask.

Experience >
Its a couple of months since September or Octomber last year until the present, this is the experience that matters, as for raiding i have some xp in mythic HFC 9/13 but its achieved on warrior, and some mythic BRF, i have been lookin forward to progress whit my previous guild that i was in whit my dk and hunter but the raid team disbaned just when we started to go on mythic and ppl started leaving and so did i, i have avoided joining high end guilds and wanted to start from botom progresing whit a fresh guild but its kinda impossible at least now when legion is at few months from release, more or less i want a stable guild.

Armory > - my Warrior whit 9/13 progress. - my DK - my Hunter

Im intrested of joining ur guild whit my dk mainly since im enjoying it alot, but can join whit hunter aswell, bouth of them are 726 ilvl, since i dont have a guild and can raid whit what ever is needed in your roster.

R1pper#2486 - for more questions information / aswell as aplication result
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