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#12670091 Aug 30, 2016 at 11:26 PM
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Hi there,

One of the guys I work with invited me to join your guild. He's a buddy of a buddy (I forgot your name bro, sorry about that)

Here's a little bit about me...
My name's Mike Camacho, I'm an American Expat working and living in Kuwait supporting their military's Attack Helicopters. I've done quite a bit of traveling since I've started playing WOW about 6-7 years ago, and haven't had the luxury or time to join a guild and experience the game as I wish I could.

I'm hoping to stop being a "loner" in the game and join a guild and start progressing to bigger better things, and taper away from PUGs in LFR, BGs, Heroic dungeons etc.

I have a new account, new toon, and new to EU servers and Draenor. I believe I can play any class fairly well once I learn it since they've changed everything...I use the typical things to educate myself on the content (icy-veins, noxxic, askmrrobot, simulationcraft, arenajunkies, youtube etc...)

I'm just looking for a guild to call home and like-minded folks to play WOW with.

I'm 32, married, 1 kid, ex-military, currently working in foreign military sales/defense contracts, moderately travel, and enjoy playing WOW during my off time.

Battletag - lightning#1128
EU Draenor toon - fatherjòhn (ò = alt+149)

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