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Guild Application

Hi there,One of the guys I work with invited me to join your guild. He's a buddy of a buddy (I forgot your name bro, sorry about that)Here's a little bit about me...My name's Mike Camacho, I'm an American Expat working and living in Kuwait support...
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Guild aplication

Lets start whit a presentation > Well my name is Adrian-Sebastian, im 26 years old, im from Romania, and last year in september a friend finally convinced me to start playing wow seriously, after pausing a loong time since i was a teenager...
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728 Arcane Mage

Gurcqa invited me to join last week as a social.Would like to raid with you guys and progress through mythic HFC.With the previous guild we couldn't get numbers to work our way through the mythic encounters, but the two tries we did have, we got H...
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BM monk looking for a new base to call home

Personal InformationName: ReinierAge: 37Gender: MaleCountry: The NetherlandsOccupation: Nurse Character Brewmaster Monk / OS trying to get my head around MistweaverCharacter Name: Oldirtypaws (and alts)Class: MonkMain Spec:Brewmaster Off Spec: Mi...
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Raider looking for a new home

Afternoon :PMy name is Mike Im currently residing on the Draenor realm.Im looking for a new guild where hopefully you would have space for one more?My current class is Prot 693warrior with Fury offspec. 697 Char name Górashma.I have other classes ...
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Holy Paladin

Personal InformationName: NickAge: 30Gender: MaleCountry: the NetherlandsOccupation: CRACharacter InformationCharacter Name: NiisiriClass: PaladinMain Spec: Holy (10 years of experience with the spec.)Off Spec: Retribution OS, but significantly le...
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Guild Application

Personal InformationName: ChrisAge: 27Gender: MaleCountry: Greece Occupation: UnemployedCharacter InformationCharacter Name: WinterusClass: Death KnightMain Spec: Frost DWOff Spec: PvP (or Blood if needed)Armory Link:
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Unicorn - Ret Paladin Application

Personal InformationName: IslaAge: 19Gender: FemaleCountry: UKCharacter InformationCharacter Name: UnicornClass: PaladinMain Spec: RetributionOff Spec: Holy, can offspec heal if neededArmory Link:
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Reiken Retribution Paladin

Personal InformationName: DaleAge: 23Gender: MaleCountry: United KingdomOccupation: Apple Certified Macintosh TechnicianCharacter InformationCharacter Name: ReikenClass: PaladinMain Spec: RetributionOff Spec: ProtectionArmory Link: http://eu.battl...
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Affliction/Demonology Raider Application

Howdy, below is my application for joining your guild, I couldn't see any sort of application form so I quickly put one together for you guys so it wouldn't just be a massive block of text ahaYour real name and age?Joe - 22Where do you come from?N...
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